Cabaret Paradiso comes to Brighton!

We were disappointed to announce that unfortunately, despite huge efforts, we didn't manage to get the whole Circus Abyssinia team behind Tulu into the country.

However, we are over the moon that the brilliant Bibi and Bichu (founding members and stars of Circus Abyssinia) will be collaborating with the sensational Lost in Translation Circus to create a brand new show designed specifically for The Oil Shed.

Cabaret Paradiso is a phenomenal show for all the family, featuring the best circus, sideshow and contemporary variety performers. The show celebrates performers from different art forms and backgrounds, reminding us of the joy, celebration, hilarity, cheekiness, and irreverence that make for a great day or night out.

Cabaret Paradiso runs from the 12 - 22 August at various times. You can find out more and buy tickets